Spyrit Realm
A Realm where Blockchain comes to life, the Spyrit Realm is a story-based game that will take place in the Spyrit Metaverse. A game built on Unreal Engine 4.7, will be innovated to be a game-changer in the crypto industry. A large amount of allocated funding will be available. The team is striving to execute a breathtaking storyline that has been, authored over the past months. An important factor will be the attention to detail in integrating NFTs into the Realm. The NFTs will be from the first NFT collection. The Collection will be released right after launch and will be an important factor in shaking up the Blockchain and the gaming industry.

The Game's Story

Spyrit Realm will be a MMORPG Metaverse game built on Unreal Engine that takes place in year 2127. Advanced human civilization has complete adoption of Blockchain technologies to the point of where it is needed for survival. However, there is a governance that maintains the technology for themselves and the wealthy while the poor struggle and are forced to steal particles or be slaves to have only limited access to the blockchain that powers the entire civilization. Eventually there is a set character born into governance that begins to rebel in order to help people have access to the blockchain so they can provide for their families and live a life of equality. But, through out the entire fore play towards the end of the story there is a revealer that everything is actually a simulation based in front of time rather than behind it. So, outside of the Spyrit Realm humans has started the adoption of Blockchain and have built these machines developed on one entire blockchain network, called Aninimus. Aninimus is an infinite algorithmic developing machine that builds more intelligence each time it is used, that initially started out as the ultimate metaverse gaming experience. As more usage occurred, Aninimus became so intelligent it begun creating its own simulation called, the Spyrit Realm.

The Unique Metaverse of Spyrit

The Spyrit Metaverse will be a live digital world in the game itself. The main goal is to give users the ability to be apart of an adventure in an open world game. We want to create a unique feeling that allows users to have a real-life feel to the Metaverse, while still having that fun gaming experience.
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